Marketing and Positioning Yourself


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It's easy to forget how important perception can be. How to show up strong

Insight #1

Get a checklist for all the materials you  need to be prepared and confident

Insight #2

How to optimize your online presence to show up in a specific, intentional way

Insight #3

The magic of telling a few people what your goals are so they can help you. 


From This Executive Playbook...

Learn about the many tools and approaches you can use to develop the right marketing to present your best, authentic self, more consistently in any situation, not just when you are looking for a job.

Get ideas and practical techniques to develop and use your best stories and experiences to build your credibility and confidence, along with your resume.

Know how to get support for your careeer aspirations by communicating the right way with the people who can help you.

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This playbook is full of resources to help you create your own best package of marketng materials. It provides checklists, examples, outlines, and templates to be prepared to present yourself confidently and consistenly in any situation, or for a job search

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