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Networking does not need to be shallow or feel uncomfortable. At the end of this, I promise you will find ways to network that are doable and comfortable  (even for introverts)  

Networking does not need to feel self-serving. It is not about what you get--it's about what you give. Network before you need anything. Learn techniques to always be putting value into your network. 

If networking is not natural to you, it's OK. Discover an easy and systematic approach to get and keep you networking on a regular basis.

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The Playbooks are self paced, and each contain four sections with a big insight, a quick video, a tangible task, a checklist and worksheets to put this idea into action.

Insight #1

If you hate networking meetings, don't go! Network without it feeling awkward

Insight #2

The important (& least scary) part is networking with people you already know

Insight #3

Hate Small Talk? Networking does not need to be shallow. Think: generosity

Insight #4

A simple trick to make time for networking so you actually do it


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