Learn how to understand and assert your best, authentic self to quickly build your reputation and executive presence



Hi, I'm Patty Azzarello

Business Executive. Consultant. Author. Speaker. Executive Career Guide. CXO whisperer.

In this class, I want to share how the most effective, credibile, and inspiring leaders have confidence that comes from being authentic, and true to  their natural strengths, and how you can do it too.

Authentic Leadership and Personal Brand

In this class you'll learn how to show up as your best, authentic self, in a compelling, credible and inspiring way -- by understanding and developing your unique Personal Brand. You will increase your confidence, get more recognition, and gain access to the best opportunities.


1. Maximize Your Strengths. Thrive More

How to focus on your natural strengths and use them to accomplish more, thrive more, and finaly let go of the "I'm not good enough" fear and the imposter syndrome.

 (29 mins) Preview Video


2. Honor Your Core Values. Be Authentic.

Who you are as a person matters more and more as you advance.
Understand your core values to build a strong leadership presence, and increase your energy and motivation

(22 mins) Preview Video


3. Understand How You Are Perceived and Build Credibility

You have a Personal Brand right now whether you know it or not.  Is it what you want? Learn how to show  up in a compelling, credible and authentic way by developing your Brand.

(38 mins) Preview Video


Ways to Participate...

Individual, Self-Study Class


Get the Fundamentals: Define Your Brand & Personal Leadership Strategy

Self-paced: Learn on your own schedule

Assessments: A license to the Strengthsfinder Assessment ($19 value) plus a Core Values Exercise ($59 value)

Video: 1.5 hours of video in 3 modules.

Workbook: Templates and worksheets to guide you step-by-step 



Group Discount (15 People)


Everything in the Individual Class

Licenses for 15 people

10% Discount

Contact me to talk about your team



Class Plus Private Mentoring


Private Coaching: Get a 2-hour personal working session with Patty, where she will help you develop your unique Personal Brand and Personal Leadership Strategy, and provide coaching for how you can use them in a practical way to achieve your business and career goals


Everything in the Self-Study and Group Class


"I have taken the corporate version of Patty's Personal Brand Class multiple times because I found it so valuable I always offered it to my teams. It's great that it's available now as an online class!"

Director Product Management

"Patty's approach to Personal Brand changed my career. I was not presenting myself to my management the right way, and by applying these ideas I got TWO pay raises and a promotion. I have since gained the reputation and confidence to start my own company."

Carrie Swift
CEO, Love Public Speaking

"What I learned from Patty is that no one cares about your Brand as much as you do, so you have to be intentional about managing it. And it truly helps to build focus and confidence in your career."

Andrew Pritchard
Marketing Director, Perspectium

"Patty's Personal Brand class was like a "Professional Integrity Cleanse" for me! It really helped me bring my authentic self to work, and as a result, my effectiveness, my reputation and my satisfaction with work all improved!"

Program Director, Fortune 500 Company

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