No one cares how hard you work.

Your company can absorb an unlimited amount of work from you and not really care. Learn how to work LESS but add more VALUE. Have less Stress and More Energy.

Ruthless Priorities

(This is a BONUS online class that you get as part of your Annual Membership to the Executive Mentoring Group. It's in addition to the Executive Playbooks.)

What you get...

Two webinars that share key insights and guide you though practical action steps you can take to transform your workoload to be less busy and add more value to the business.

2. The E-BOOK
Everything in the webinars is also included in a comprehensive E-book that you can download and use as a reference at any time.

You also get tools in the form or worksheets, templates, checklists and more to put the key learnings into action in your own career.

Ruthless Priorities

In a nutshell... Get famous for adding value, NOT for being busy.

 It is vitally important to make sure you don't spend too much time being busy but fail to work on the things that add the most value. 

You can't get there--you can't find or create the kind of opportunities you deserve if you stay too busy and overwhelmed in your current job. Learn how to MANAGE and NEGOTIATE your workload to focus on and FINISH the most critical, high value work--instead staying over-busy trying to do everything... Which gets you stuck.

For the past several years, this has been the most requested topic in my corporate workshops. And in the past I was never able to offer it to individuals...But hurray for technnology and the internet!

I'm really excited to be able to offer this to you as part of your membership to my Executive Mentoring Group as it is a foundational element in creating the success that you want.


What is covered in this class...

Below are some of the many topics that will help you take control of your crushing workload and make your life better.

Part 1:
Ruthless Priorities and Effectiveness
  • The difference between Ruthless and Important
  • The Catch List
  • Don’t Do Everything
  • Leaders vs. Managers
  • Getting Buy-in with your boss
  • Getting Buy-in with other stakeholders
  • Planning Your Communication Strategy


Part 2:
Negotiating Priorities and Conflicts
  • Not Saying NO, But…
  • Keeping Track of Everything
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Crisis Management
  • Don’t Fail Alone
  • Serving Multiple Masters
  • A Word to Executives

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"Patty’s approach to Ruthless Priorities has totally changed the way I approach my workload. The result is that I get to focus on the most important work, and have less stress because Patty’s approach provides a way to get, and stay, aligned with what is truly necessary and most valuable for our team and our priorities. I found that, in the end, I was able to be less busy and have more impact. Life is better!"

Leader in a Fortune 100 Company

"I find myself coming back to the concept of Ruthless Priorities. If you find your workload crushing and you feel like you're going to get run over by the train, I strongly recommend Patty's class. It really was instrumental in helping think and reframe my workload make sure that the real high value things get done"

CMO, Independent Consultant

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